The Benefits of In-Home Cat Sitting

siamese cat looking at her pet sitterJames Herriot once said “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” You are probably nodding your head yes! 

The specific needs of cats are often overlooked!

Are you wondering what the unique needs of cats are? You’re not alone. A misconception exists that cats are solitary creatures who can get by on their own with little supervision, and really don’t need a cat sitter. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, cats need as much consideration as dogs do.

Cats will greatly benefit from being cared for in the luxury of their own home while you are away for a day or longer. Cats crave routine, they need a safety net to keep them out of trouble, and they need the essentials!

Cats crave routine

Cats are hard wired for predictability and routine, and usually build their routines around the routines of their families. Without routine, cats can become unnecessarily stressed. Just like with humans, stress can wreak havoc on a cat’s physical and mental well  being. In fact, stress due to a change in daily routines can upset your cat. But the use of routine essentials like food, music, toys and clean litter boxes can keep them happy and feeling safe. Cats need a safety net, and having their essentials around them provides that.

“Curiosity killed the cat” is a well-known saying and for good reason. Cats are hard wired to prey, and with housecats this usually equates to some play that can very easily turn dangerous. Cats have been known to get themselves caught in window blinds, stuck behind appliances, etc. 

Cats are also masters at hiding their illnesses. It’s an adaptation that served them well in the wild, but not so much in their life of domestication. This is one of the best reasons to have a pet sitter check in on a cat; by doing so, the sitter will be able to keep a good handle on the cat’s health and well being.

Cats need the essentials

Give yourself and your cat peace of mind with a watchful eye; add a professional cat sitter to your to-do list when planning a trip. If you think leaving a huge bowl of food and water behind will suffice, that’s only partially correct. Bowls can get knocked over and automatic feeders can jam. It’s so much easier to have someone keep an eye on these things so your cat is happy and comfortable. Remember, cats love their routine comforts. Additionally, cats love a clean litter box, and a cat sitter will clean it on a daily basis. Cat sitters will also provide any other routine essentials your cat is used to. 

Keep your cats with their own beds, baskets, and bowls!

— Special thanks to Noelle Dunn