Cat Trees/ Why Cats Love Them

cat playing near cat trees

Cats are born to do a lot of things, besides sleep! Just like many other animals, cats are born with innate behaviors, or instincts.  These behaviors are quite the opposite of learned behaviors, meaning they can exhibit mastery of the behavior from the first, or one of the first, attempts.  Simply put, your cat was born to move! One way you can help your cat act upon his innate behaviors is by providing him with a vertical rich environment via the use of cat trees.

But first, why cat trees?

Neglecting to meet the physical needs of your cat can have serious ramifications now and in the future. Allowing your cat to follow his instincts to jump, walk on his toes, retract his claws, and move quick and stealthily, will not only meet his physical needs, but his mental needs as well.  It’s no secret that exercise promotes the growth of strong bones and muscles, but it also makes for a very happy cat.

Unhappy, depressed or anxious cats will begin to exhibit behaviors to match their angst. Overgrooming, aggression, destructive behaviors, changes in sleeping patterns, changes in appetite, self-mutilation, and compulsive behaviors are all signs that your cat is missing something in his life.

Now that you know why should probably promote a vertical rich environment in your home, take a look at these cat trees.  It’s quite possible you will find one (or a few) that you cat would really enjoy!

Cat on Cat Trees

Kitty Mansions

Kitty mansions has a whole slew of designs to catch your fancy.  Their website boasts small, medium, large and deluxe designs for every budget.  These multi-level cat trees with sleeping areas, tunnels, and scratching posts will keep your cat entertained….forever!

Doctors Foster and Smith

They have everything a cat could possible need, including cat trees. They say their cat trees are built to last, and we believe them.  Their trees are carefully constructed with wood, plush carpeted surfaces, cedar and sisal rope. From the Classi-Cat Treehouse to the Malaga Cat Playground, you just can’t go wrong. These trees are guaranteed not to tip because they’re built with even the biggest, most active cat in mind.  


If you are looking for a one stop shopping experience, why not check out Amazon.  This will give the opportunity to see a plethora of cat trees from multiple vendors.  The benefit of this is you can have the tree shipped (for free if you have the prime membership) right to your door and not have to limit your options because the cat tree won’t fit in your cat. Look here for their top 20 best sellers in cat trees.


We hope you find this information useful as you begin your search for the best cat tree ever!  Just keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your cat. Before you order, think about where your cat spends his time, or attempts to, anyway.  If he spends a lot of time looking down on you, it’s safe to say he might like a taller cat tree. If he spends most of his time looking at you from your eye level, you might want to consider starting with a 4 – 5 foot tree.  You catch my drift? Happy Shopping!

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