How to Choose the Best Cat Litter

cat staring at cat litter box

Choosing cat litter can be a very daunting experience, especially for new kitty parents.  There are so many options to choose from! What is a cat parent to do! Choosing the best cat litter isn’t as hard as it seems if you’re armed with a little bit of information.   [Read more…]

How Often Should I Take My Cat to the Vet?

Veterinarian Vet with Kitten

Did you know that taking your cat to the vet is just as important as taking your dog to the vet?  I would even go so far as to say it could be considered just as important as taking your child to the pediatrician.  

Unfortunately, cats receive far less routine medical treatment than dogs.  

Dr. Becker mentions a few likely contributors.  Some of which include perceptions held about cats by veterinarians and lay people alike.  There is, after all, an overarching conversation going on about cats and it goes something like this: “Cats are self-sufficient.” Misconceptions are fueled by a cat’s adaptation that he has carried over from his time in the wild.   [Read more…]

Cat Trees/ Why Cats Love Them

cat playing near cat trees

Cats are born to do a lot of things, besides sleep! Just like many other animals, cats are born with innate behaviors, or instincts.  These behaviors are quite the opposite of learned behaviors, meaning they can exhibit mastery of the behavior from the first, or one of the first, attempts.  Simply put, your cat was born to move! One way you can help your cat act upon his innate behaviors is by providing him with a vertical rich environment via the use of cat trees.
[Read more…]

Puzzles, Toys and Apps for Cats

Does your cat like to loaf around all the time? That’s perfectly fine…however, you can tap into their natural hunting inclinations if you wish. Interactive puzzles, toys and apps can be a part of their daily routine. Where to start your own personal “hunt?” Here ya’ go!…

Food Puzzles

Orange cat looking at puzzlesFor the cat that is always looking or food, food puzzles are the “no-brainer” answer. Allow cats to exercise their bodies and minds, and possibly be rewarded with a kibble nibble or other tasty treat.The Pet Safe FUN Kitty Egg Cersizer is a fan favorite. [Read more…]

Common Illnesses in Cats

Grey cat has one of the common illnessesHaving a sick cat can be so depressing for both you and your feline. Sadly, you cannot protect your cat from all diseases he or she may run into. But knowing what common illnesses to look for will keep you and your cat feeling happy and healthy. [Read more…]

The Benefits of In-Home Cat Sitting

siamese cat looking at her pet sitterJames Herriot once said “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” You are probably nodding your head yes! 

The specific needs of cats are often overlooked!

Are you wondering what the unique needs of cats are? You’re not alone. A misconception exists that cats are solitary creatures who can get by on their own with little supervision, and really don’t need a cat sitter. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, cats need as much consideration as dogs do. [Read more…]

Fight the Plaque for Your Cat: Dental Health in Cats

Cute kitten showing her teeth for dental health awarenessA study by the Cornell Feline Health Center reports somewhere between 50 to 90% of cats four years and older will have signs of poor dental health and even dental disease. Dental care is a much neglected, and an equally important, aspect of pet parenthood. Owners often miss cues that a potential problem is brewing, cats especially. This is a problem that is largely preventable through education and being pro-active, or just a good hard look at your cat when they yawn. [Read more…]

Kong Chew Toy Review

61LgZIULMxL._SL1000_With all the innovation occurring in the pet supply world, it’s easy to find yourself attracted to a cool new product for your fur-babies. However, it is becoming increasingly important to buy products that you trust and that will ensure the safety of your beloved pet. The Kong brand is super reliable and sticks to the basics. [Read more…]

On Sleeping With Dogs

bedtime storySharing sheets with whiskers and fur is a lifestyle choice. A long standing joke within the pet sitting world about “sleeping with dogs” is my reality. Some not in the pet sitting industry are still baffled by the fact that others are indeed paying me to do just that. (“You do…what?!” ) Well… how many grown women DO you know that have the availability, flexibility, DESIRE, to do so? Sleep with dogs I mean. And cats.  [Read more…]

2 Tails

2catsD is for DUSTER, B is for BUZZ.

I love juggling 2 boyfriends.

Whoever said one and done?  “Heeeeerre kitty kitty!  Duster! How’s my sweetheart today?  Buzz, where are you?!?” Both boys have disappeared on me a time or two….you know how that goes.  You’ve done nothing wrong. [Read more…]