On Sleeping With Dogs

bedtime storySharing sheets with whiskers and fur is a lifestyle choice. A long standing joke within the pet sitting world about “sleeping with dogs” is my reality. Some not in the pet sitting industry are still baffled by the fact that others are indeed paying me to do just that. (“You do…what?!” ) Well… how many grown women DO you know that have the availability, flexibility, DESIRE, to do so? Sleep with dogs I mean. And cats. 

I didn’t suddenly find myself, “poof!” surrounded by purr balls and more teeth than a tooth fairy encounters. I kind of eased into it without  realizing I was being led by an invisible leash.

When engaging with other pet sitters I often hear stories of how lifelong passions have led to histories of rescue work, and the someday dreams of owning sanctuaries. I see well defined tattoos that declare concrete devotion.
And I wonder…
While working another job many years ago, I turned to a woman and said, “If you’d ever like me to take care of your dog when you go out of town, I’d really love to.”
Where did that come from? I still don’t know. A bit of mystery within the day in, day out care of “MeowWolfs.”

And so it is, I’ve built a career out of creating playful peace and dreams for pets as well as their humans, as I lovingly attend to the four footers in their own backyards, beds and baskets! Specializing in not only walks but bedtime stories!

My contribution of offering one more back or belly rub, verbal rounds of “Night Night”, as well as soft, silly songs, are all part of creating soothing rituals for pets thinking about where “their people” have
gone; the end goal allowing them to believe that they indeed are THE most beloved characters in the yawning refrains.

Born to be an overnight pet sitter? There is no Wikipedia list. My own qualifications appear to flow naturally…happily single with no husband or kids, waking at least twice a night ( that’s how I know how well THEY’RE snoozing ), no allergies, able to be immediately alert upon awaking, no fear of musical chair homes, requiring no stimulant to kick the day into gear…
Personal. Professional. Care.

It’s ALL about the animals!

Ohhhh… tummy ache Gracie? Thunder a bit too much sweet Toby? Missing your mom Tiger?

note2I’ll be your savior, steadfast and true,
I’ll come to your emotional rescue…
ooh ooh ooh
ooh ooh ooh ooh!
ooh ooh ooh
ooh ooh ooh ooh!
ooh ooh ooh ooh
I’ll come to your emotional rescue!
-Rolling Stones


doggy and kitty