Puzzles, Toys and Apps for Cats

Does your cat like to loaf around all the time? That’s perfectly fine…however, you can tap into their natural hunting inclinations if you wish. Interactive puzzles, toys and apps can be a part of their daily routine. Where to start your own personal “hunt?” Here ya’ go!…

Food Puzzles

Orange cat looking at puzzlesFor the cat that is always looking or food, food puzzles are the “no-brainer” answer. Allow cats to exercise their bodies and minds, and possibly be rewarded with a kibble nibble or other tasty treat.The Pet Safe FUN Kitty Egg Cersizer is a fan favorite. This plastic egg can be toggled around for minutes or hours. The adjustable openings allow you to have control of just how simple or complex the task of removing the treat will be for your cat. Why not activate your cat’s senses with the Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats? It has multiple tubes that you can fill with treats or food and require your cat to touch, smell, see and (hopefully) taste his treat once he gets it out of the tubes. The cat’s natural pawing instinct is used to engage the cat in a fun way.

Obstacle Courses and Tunnels

Providing exercise may encourage a cats mental facilities, as well as their mobility. Exercise will help to keep your cat fit, trim and agile, which will increase his life span and prevent illnesses associated with being thick around the middle. The sky is really the limit when it comes to obstacle courses, cat tress, jungle gyms, and tunnels for cats. The Sportpet Cat Jungle Gym will keep your cat interested for hours. It’s easy to put together and take apart, which makes it great if you don’t want a permanent structure in place. The SlowTon Cat Tunnel Toy is a three way tunnel that allows your cat to hide and then seek his “prey” (AKA, you) and fulfill his desire to hunt. The attached jingle ball and crackle paper will provide hours of fun with you, other pets or even for your cat when he’s all alone.

Apps for Cats

Now more than ever, technology is being touted for pets, too. There are so many apps that will keep your cat engaged! Friskies Jitterbug is great for cats that love to cat bugs! Bugs are displayed all over the screen while your cat has 15 seconds to hit or paw 5 of those creepy crawlies. You also have the option to put this game in what’s referred to as “endless mode” so your cat can paw away to his heart’s content without the restriction of time. Paint for Cats is an app that allows your cat to channel his inner kitty digital “Van Gogh” and literally paint the screen of your phone or tablet.

black cat getting ready to work on cat puzzles

Hundreds of puzzles, apps, interactive toys and jungle gyms are at your cat’s disposal! 

To see what puzzles are available for your cat, check out this search for different options. 

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